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1.1   Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, the capitalized terms shall have the same meanings as set forth in the Haiyang Red Leaf export Co.,Ltd.(  Transaction Services Agreement.  
1.2  “ Site” means the English online sites in relation to Haiyang Red Leaf export Co.,Ltd.( 
  only and does not include the other online sites operated by 
1.3   Member’s “Email Address” means Member’s email address registered with theHaiyang Red Leaf export Co.,Ltd.(  Site.
1.4  References to INCOTERM mean INCOTERM 2010.
1.5   “Member” or “you” means either Buyer or Seller.
1.6   “Order” means an online purchase contract for a sourcing transaction which is entered into by Buyer and Seller by following the procedures of placing orders in the Haiyang Red Leaf export Co.,Ltd.(  Site and which incorporates the standard terms and conditions designed by Haiyang Red Leaf export Co.,Ltd.( . 
1.7   The product sales amounts of a Purchase Order means the total prices payable by Buyer for the products under the Purchase Order.  The references to the order amounts of a Purchase Contract/Order refer to the aggregrate amounts of the product sales amounts and the Haiyang Red Leaf export Co.,Ltd.( ’s Service Fees.
1.8   Sourcing transactions refer to the Online Transactions for cross-border trading of products under these Rules and in which the products are delivered by Seller to Buyer by ocean shipment.